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KiwiCoin -

KiwiCoin is a revolutinary cryptocurrency with a difference, you don't need any speical hardware to mine these wonderful coins!

Nothing® Designs -
Tee Shirts

Focus on the photography, and then the brand. At Nothing we strive to produce the most visually compelling tee shirt on the market.


CryptoFi -
Wifi with a difference

CryptoFi is not complete. Pardon our alpha website. CryptoFi is a service where you can use a persons Wifi for a certain amount of time, for the price of Bitcoins.

An Image Portfolio

View some stunning images

3D PennyBoard -
Ride in style

Ever want to print a skateboard? Now you can with this 3d printable pennyboard!

Do Online Now Guys

If you want to waste your time on the internet, you have made it to the right place.

Random Gif -
Infinite amount of gifs

Have an extra display? Watch some random gifs on it! New Gif every 10 seconds!